Lifestyle Trends for 2021

minimalist desk

Since last year, people across the world have changed the way they live. As 2021 continues, the “new normal” has made lifestyle trends we haven’t seen before. While these trends may have been present to some degree before, they are now defining 2021.

Over the last year and continuing through this year, people are evaluating what is important to them while working from home. From being more minimalist to focusing on sustainability to picking up new hobbies, 2021 lifestyle trends are here to stay.


As people spend more time at home, it is inevitable that excess objects are thrown away. While working remotely or going to school remotely, more and more are getting rid of the clutter around their house.

minimalist deskThe minimalist lifestyle is all about living with less and being mindful about purchases. One benefit of minimalism is less debt and lowering unnecessary monthly expenses.

More benefits of the minimalists’ lifestyle include:

  • There is less to clean around your house
  • You don’t have unneeded stuff lying around
  • Your mind is clearer
  • You feel less tied down
  • Satisfaction when you look around your house
  • Less stress
  • Better for the environment
  • More time for more important things

The minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing. You can get rid of clutter without going full minimalist.


Sustainability has gained traction over the last few years, and this has continued through 2021. More people are using reusable shopping bags and ditching plastic shopping bags.

It doesn’t stop with reusable shopping bags, but it goes to shopping practices as well. Vintage is in and more people are shopping vintage clothing stores instead of buying brand new clothing.

When it comes to food, more people are eating plant-based foods and locally-grown foods.


With people spending more time at home, there is more time for new hobbies. Self-education has increased over the past couple of years due to the increase in online resources. If you are stuck at home and have wanted to learn a new language or learn how to code, there are plenty of resources available.

Natural Remedies

All-natural remedies are bigger in 2021. One of the biggest ones is CBD oil. Studies have shown the benefits of using CBD oil, which include helping with everything from anxiety to acne. CBD oil comes in many forms, which are oil, gummies, or pills.

Essential oils are making their comeback as well. Along with that, more people are turning to vitamins and understanding their bodies instead of jumping straight to prescription medication.

Comfort Crafting

Crafting is a good way to pass the time and help keep your mind off what is going on in the world outside. Many people are using brown kraft paper bags for easy crafts. These are especially good for parents with young children. Easy crafts include:

  • Paper bag pinata
  • Paper crown
  • Leaf lanterns
  • Paper bag football
  • Paper bag pirate hat

crafting supplies

Head to the Park

People are exploring their local areas, and with that comes visiting parks. National Parks saw an increase in visitors as well. People are heading back to nature because of the wide-open spaces and it is easily accessible. Local parks have seen more visitors as well. Parks are a good place to visit to get out of the house but out in the open enough to stay away from people.

Clean Cocktails

As people think more and more about what we put into our bodies, cleaner cocktails have come into focus. Both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks have better, more natural ingredients. For example, hard seltzer water is a big hit. It is basically carbonated water with alcohol. It has much fewer calories than mixed drinks.

Fancy Home Kitchens

Instead of going out to eat, people are whipping up fancy, gourmet dishes in their home kitchens. Gourmet food dishes and recipes have increased in searches recently. Kitchen renovations are increasing as well. If you recently redid your kitchen and want to cook fancy dishes, you can order pretty much anything online. Order fresh lobster from Maine or seasonings from around the world.

Mental Health Awareness

While we were aware of mental health before 2021, instances of depression, anxiety, and loneliness increased. About one-third of 5,412 people surveyed said they had symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Since everyone has been stuck at home, mental health therapists and therapies have moved online. With services being online, the services are more accessible to people who didn’t have access to these services before.

Immunity and Health-Focused

Since the global pandemic, more people are focused on their health and their immune systems. More people are looking at how their food, supplements, and drinks benefit them health-wise.

Another aspect of this is getting physically in shape. Exercising looks different for everyone, especially in a pandemic. Some went for walks, some worked out in their homes, and tried to take up jogging.


Adapting to staying at home was a big change at the beginning of the pandemic. By 2021, people have settled in and home offices are created. Rooms were upgraded to be more functional and easier to navigate while being at home throughout the day. Now people are making their homes more comfortable, whether it is the home office or the living room.

Indie Brands and Shopping Local

Instead of buying from big box shops, lots of people shopping local, indie brands. People are more aware of mom-and-pop shops, or entrepreneurs down the road from us. As 2021 goes on, people are remembering the local economy and supporting small businesses.

What Trend do You Love?

Do you have a favorite trend for 2021? Using reusable shopping bags and creating crafts with brown kraft paper bags are some of the tops trends for 2021. Whether you are still at home or back at the office, we can all take some trends forward after 2021.