How Your Business Will Benefit From Custom Printing

How Your Business Will Benefit From Custom Printing

Branding is essential. It is the identity of your company and how potential customers identify you. A good brand tells a story through colors, logos, or a catchy slogan. If you already have an established brand, the next step is to make it recognizable.

You want your brand in as many places as possible so people will begin to establish this recognition. The more often people see your brand the greater chance they will have of using or purchasing your products when they need them. 

So how do you get your brand out there? Custom printing. Today, you can custom print on just about anything, from reusable shopping bags to eyeglass pouches, the possibilities are endless. 

Let’s go through how custom printing can benefit your brand.

Brand Recognition

The first and most obvious is brand recognition. By getting your logo and name in front of customers they will better remember you. Spaced repetition is key. This means the customer is exposed to your brand and one point, and then again later on at a different point in time. This is important to solidify brand recognition for your customer. 

An example of spaced repetition is you distribute a reusable shopping bag with your logo on it, then a few months later send a few custom kraft paper bags filled with goodies that also have your logo on it. By spacing the exposure out, the customer will get a reminder of your brand, so they are more likely to remember you.

custom reusable shopping bag

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing can be very expensive, especially on a large scale. If you are starting out or want to trim your marketing budget, then custom printing is a good way to keep costs low while getting your name out there.

A really easy way to do this is to put logos on products your business already uses. For example, if you sell eyeglass pouches wholesale, then add a logo or name on the pouch. 

Another example is if you are a stationery company then put logos on your stationery when you send it to customers. Every time they use it the customer is reminded where they purchased the products. Once the customer sends out the stationary, the person who receives it will be exposed as well. 

Customer Loyalty

A good brand is associated with quality, so when choosing your custom printed products make sure they are high in quality. You don’t want a cheap bag that rips or an eyeglass pouch that falls apart. The better in quality your products are, the better the chance customers will keep coming back to your brand.

Easy Exposure 

Advertisements on social media, or billboards on the side of the road, often get ignored. When you give something to a customer that they can hold in their hand they are more likely to remember your brand. By holding the product, it is more likely to make a lasting impression.

The exposure doesn’t just end with the customer either. The exposure extends to those who interact with your customer. For example, if you send out a custom bag and the customer shops with it, then everyone who came into contact with the customer now has had exposure to your brand.

Now that you know how your business can benefit from custom printing, we will show you how to use custom bags in a marketing campaign.

Using Custom Bags in Your Marketing Campaign

Custom reusable shopping bags are on-trend with customers and brands. Customers love free things and the bags are relatively inexpensive for the amount of return marketing brands receive. The bags can be used in a variety of ways, which include:

  • Public Events
  • Giveaways
  • Conventions
  • Storefronts
  • Trade Shows

Here we will go over some of the more popular marketing campaigns where you can use custom bags.

Marketing Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing uses unconventional and inexpensive marketing strategies to capture the customer’s attention. Fill your custom bags with free swag and find a crowd of people to distribute them too. Most people love free things, especially free reusable shopping bags, so it will be easy to hand these out as soon as you find a crowd. 

Free Gift with Purchase

Who doesn’t love a free gift? Make a custom reusable shopping bag a gift when a customer purchases certain products or services from you. Again, make sure the bags are high in quality because you don’t want to be associated with something cheap. 


Partner with another company in your area that has a similar demographic as you and give bags that include marketing info for each brand. If you have a loyal customer base but want to reach out to another demographic then this method is also helpful. It will also help you network with businesses in your area.

Direct Mail

People get enough junk in the mail, but snail mail is not dead. Imagine going to your mailbox, opening it up, and finding a quality custom tote. You would be happy, right? It would definitely pique your interest. Send a few custom bags in a direct mail campaign and monitor the response. Put a special coupon in the bags for customers who receive them. That way, they have extra incentive to purchase from your business.


Find a local charity or school in your area and support their clothing or food drive with your custom bags. When the bags are handed out then your brand will be distributed with them. Your name will be associated with a positive activity while increasing your brand recognition. 

Custom Printing Takes Marketing to the Next Level

Custom printed bags, eyeglass pouches, and other goodies have a lot of exposure to current and potential customers. When you give out quality gifts, your brand will be associated with high-quality products and services. Furthermore, customers are more likely to remember your name and choose your brand next time they need your product or service.