Why Plastic and Paper Gift Bags Are Still Preferred Today

Why Plastic and Paper Gift Bags Are Still Preferred Today

One can speculate that human beings have been throwing parties, events, gatherings, and get-togethers since the dawn of human interaction, and a lot of party practices have been alive and well throughout the centuries. Nowadays, however, there are a variety of tools one can use to give a gift and make a lasting impression, and therefore it’s fair to say that the gift-giving dynamic commonly associated with parties, events, and get-togethers has changed dramatically.

In the sections below, we are going to talk about paper gift bags, gift bags made of plastic, and all the other popular related items that make modern gift giving so special. We're going to specifically focus on gift bags to understand why these may very well always stand the test of time. Let’s go, shall we?

  1. Unmatched Elegance

Paper gift bags have long been preferred because of their elegance. If you're shopping for a wedding gift, baby shower gift, or anniversary gift, it’s wise to accompany the gift you're giving with a paper gift bag; in a sense, these are the perfect touch—the cherry on top—to any gift. They’re lightweight, usually transparent, and they come in a variety of colors. It’s been found that white, gold, pink, and light shades are the most popular colors used for creating an elegant look.

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  1. Affordability

Plastic and paper gift bags are also preferred for their affordability. Because you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on these, you can use them for a variety of get-togethers and gift-giving occasions. Best of all, just because they're not a lot of money doesn't mean they are not great gift-giving essentials—it's quite easy to find a thick package of premium gift bags, especially if you search online!

  1. Traditional

There's also an element of tradition that comes with using paper gift bags and gift bags made of plastic, and this is one reason why a certain class of gift-giver prefers these bags. The traditional look these bags boast are particularly popular with older individuals, and these bags can be classy, luxurious, and casual all at the same time! If you're looking for a traditional gift and you don't want to use a gift box or wrapping paper, it’s good to go with a high-quality paper or plastic gift bag. Just don't forget the tissue paper!

  1. Customizable

Another appealing aspect of gift bags is that they’re customizable, which truly makes them great for any gathering, event, or holiday party. If, for example, you’re shopping for a wedding, you can customize your gift bags so they include the names of the bride and groom. You can also use a birthday-themed gift bag, one that uniquely has the birthday boy’s/girl’s name on it; this will make the gift extra special. There are also a variety of textures, fringes, tissue papers, and colors that can be chosen when creating a gift bag, and most online stores provide a vast amount of customization options.

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  1. Reliable

Plastic gift bags and gift bags made of paper are also preferred by expert gift-givers because they're incredibly reliable and capable of standing the test of time. In other words, individuals have been using bags to make lasting impressions at family functions, holiday parties, and meaningful events for years, decades, and centuries, and one can assume with confidence that paper gift bags are never going to go out of style.

Of course you can combine a high-quality gift bag with another great gift—like a luxury dress that comes in a high-quality garment storage bag —but the best part about gift bags is that they can stand alone great or supplement another larger gift just as well. Reliability is key, and this is a truth that expert gift-givers seldom forget.

  1. Purchase in Bulk

One can also purchase high-quality paper gift bags in bulk, and this saves one from needing to get new gift bags every time an event or occasion that requires gift-giving comes up. When you purchase premium plastic gift bags online, you can take advantage of a variety of great offers that online stores usually have. Most stores, for example, provide great discounts and free shipping on bulk orders. In essence, it’s quite possible to never have to go shopping for gift bags again if you purchase a large order one time!

  1. Reusable

Paper gift bags and gift bags made of plastic are also popular because they're reusable. Environmentally conscious individuals use gift bags instead of specialty gift boxes because bags don’t require wrapping paper, bows, and a bunch of other materials. In short, using a bag helps reduce waste. These bags can be recycled easily as well. If someone gives you a wholesale kraft paper bag, you can repurpose it and give it to somebody special in your life; this practice is not uncommon and actually quite appreciated nowadays.

  1. Kid-Friendly

Great for holiday parties, kid’s birthday parties, baby showers, and christenings. It's great to give a child a gift in a high-quality gift bag; after all, you don't want the child to have to deal with the complexities of opening a box that’s wrapped or tied with a ribbon. It’s best to use gift bags, for all kids have to do is stick their hands inside, through a little bit of tissue paper, and pull out the bag’s contents. Since children are often given small items, gift bags are ideal!

  1. Accommodating

Gift bags are also ideal at themed parties. If you're going to a bridal shower or baby shower and a certain color is required for all gifts, gift bags are great for matching these requirements. They are just as appealing and reliable as traditional wholesale kraft paper bags, though these bags are particularly eye-catching and elegant. Great in baby-pink and baby-blue shades. Gift bags are ideal, lightweight, and made using paper that’s soft to touch. They are especially preferred for those who are trying to add a bit of elegance to their gift presentation. Other common gift-giving items are not as accommodating as paper and plastic gift bags, and therefore one should seriously consider whether or not they can use these for all their gift giving occasions.

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  1. Easy-To-Store

Storing gift bags is easy as well. They can fold up in a rectangular shape and be tucked away until they’re needed again. You can stack 50 to 100 gift bags in a compact space and never have to worry about storage being an issue. Best of all, these are lightweight, so carrying a bulk package of gift bags is possible whether you're a young child or an elderly individual.

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